Rich’s General Purpose Rub


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MSG and Gluten Free Product.

“I started out smoking making my own rubs, and it got cost prohibitive for the amount of spices I went through. I bought a couple of commercial rubs that were highly recommended before I tried Mad Hunky, and yours is my favorite by far. I put it on everything — fish, pork, chicken and its just got a really balanced flavor. I even did a head to head to see what my family thought and they chose Mad Hunky. Great Product!! I just ordered another pound and will be a customer for life.”

Alan D

“I love this rub. I panic if I run out, which only happened once. I use Mad Hunky on just about everything. It’s awesome for pulled pork, ribs, chops, beef, chicken, fish. I also use it on my veggies too. You can use it as is, or add brown sugar like I do for my pulled pork. My most recent use was a homemade batch of onion rings. Perfect. I recently baked sweet potatoes and added brown sugar and Mad Hunky. My guests told me they were the best ‘taters they ever had! The possibilities are endless, thanks Rich.”

Cheryl in GA

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