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Checkered Past’s Italian Meatballs
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Checkered Past's Italian mix AWESOME Meatballs! .5 pound 80/20 ground beef .5 pound ground pork shoulder .25 cup Progresso brand Italian style breadcrumbs 1 egg .25 cup water 1.5 tablespoons Checkered Pasts Ital Sausage mix Mix all thoroughly Form balls to desired size and brown completely in a skillet. toss in your simmering sauce to finish cooking. Mmm!

Mad Hunky recipes
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Mad Hunky Hot Ass Whang! deviled eggs Ingredients: 7 hard boiled eggs 2 tbs of mayo 1 1/2 tsp of mustard 1 1/2 tbs hot ass whang Peel and cut the eggs in half scooping all the yokes out Put that in a bowl add mayo mustard and Hot Ass Whang! Mix well, then re-fill the whites Sprinkle some more Hot Ass Whang! on them Then you can either eat them or add a half hour cold smoke to them From MackBrad Hot Whang! Fire Crackers 1 box...

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